Susan's first kittens - their Story

Susan's first litter
born early 1956 and all homed
when about 8 weeks old


Susies' first kittens

By Sprng 1956, Susie duly gave birth to three kittens. At first, she showed all the usual care and affection for them, proudly showing them off to us in her bed. She mothered them well and fed them properly so that they grew fast and soon had their eyes open. We were all, especially Richard, fascinated to see them develop, feed and sleep, and then start to become aware of the world outside their basket.

Within a few weeks they were staggering around and at that point, Susie decided that she should catch up on the latest happenings in the world outside and that Richard was quite capable of keeping an eye on them while she attended to more important things.

She decided that the three kittens were not getting enough out of life and that the garden would be the place to further their education. So, the moving started. One at a time they were carried by the scruff of their necks out of the living room, through the kitchen, round the back yard and dumped on the nearest part of the garden path.

This got Richard very worried and he overcame his fear of the great outdoors sufficiently to follow her out and then carry the kittens back in to safety! This of course, did not suit madam and as fast as he carried them back in, so she carried them back out. The trips got shorter and shorter as she became more impatient and they ended up scattered between the kitchen door and the garden itself. Eventually Richard gave up trying to get the kittens back into the safety of the house and we were treated to the amazing spectacle of Richard sitting out in the garden, having got all three kittens gathered together on to a safe and sunny part of the garden path.

From then on, Susie and Richard never looked back. She knew that she could go off on her jaunts with her family in good paws and he knew that the garden was, after all, quite a nice place to be.

These kittens were all found homes and we got news of them from time to time. Their later siblings (four) were also fine and healthy and we found homes for them all.

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