News from 2002

Myrtle and Tony's year 2002

This has been a more positive year for us . We took various of our cats to 5 shows, one in Sweden, one in Germany, and 3 in Danmark. The cats feature large in our lives as you know, but we do do other things as well.

Tony and I spend lots of time using our computers for research on various topics, 'chatting ' to friends all over the world via the net, making web sites for ourselves and The Rex and Sphynx Club of Denmark. Details of which later.

Now I am 70 years old I have a new Danish drivers licence; my British one expired on my birthday. I can now drive for another 4 years before I must get another certificate from the doctor as to my ability to drive a car. Tony's turn next year !

On October 11th Tony's nephew Ian's wife Claire gave birth to Pyers Jensen (that means Tony's sister Jenn now has 5 grandchildren). Also in October we said goodbye to Bella our oldest and only English cat still living in Danmark; she was 13 years old. The good news is our cat family has welcomed Zozie (a Sphynx cat) born May 23rd and Willow (Devon Rex cat) born November 5th . Zozie came home with us on September 9th from Holland where we drove to fetch her. The SARA Cat Club held a show that weekend in Rotterdam so we were able to combine our visit and see lots of Sphynx and Rex cats as well. Willow will be old enough to come and live with us in the New Year. If you want to know more about our cats go to Cats There are also pictures on the Club site at Rex & Sphynx klubben for which Tony is the webmaster.

In April I bought a digital camera and have not looked back since, boring all my friends with pictures via the net. Kaja our friend has a new puppy called Bilbo; its a Papillon; he is very little and sweet. Gerd and Wasse, our friends from up the road, have just bought two kittens so now we will have 4 cats to babysit when they go on holiday.

We have registered this cattery name, DK Snugglebugs, with Felis Danica ready for when we have some kittens of our own.

In our village of Skt Klemens is a local history archive office and collection. We have become very interested in it as we now have a complete pictorial record of the new houses that were built opposite us, which Tony is putting on disc to go into their archives.

On November 6th we went to Tårup village hall to see the local dramatic society's annual play. Tårup is where Kaja and family live along with several folk we got to know from the caravan site nearby when we were on holiday from England. The play was a farce and great fun for all; I had a good laugh.

Tony has the bit between his teeth now trying to get positive evidence on when the first official cat show was held in England in 1871. There are 2 possible dates 13th July and 16th July documented in various books. Linda is now helping by searching reports in The Times newspaper microfiche for indisputable proof of the correct date.


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