Our cat family

including our first cat, all our English cats,
and then all the cats who came to Denmark with us,
as well all the cats we have had since moving to Denmark.

The first photo is of Richard, our first shared cat

Richard's picture links to the English cats

The next photo is of Twinkle
who was the oldest cat who moved with us to Denmark

Twinkle's picture links to the cats that travelled with us

The next photo is of Vibeke, the first Danish cat we adopted

Her picture links to all the other cats and kittens that followed her

Richard, our very first shared cat, Grocers shop kitten
born 2nd August 1953 was 12½
when he died on 12th March 1966


Twinkle,via Butcher's shop
born 10th March 1979 was 16
when he died on 2nd July 1995


Vibeke, rescued from a lay-by
born about 6th May 1995 was 2
when she died on 27th May 1997


Fostering kittens started in 2021
for Fyns Internat, Ejby
The photo is my first litter born 8th June 2021
in Vormark 7th July 2021

First foster family

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