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The very first litter

The very first litter 7th July 2021

During the early part of 2021 the weather had been strange and the kitten season was much later than usual but in early July I got a telephone call from Fyns Internat in Ejby asking if could take on a litter of four kittens that evening as they suddenly had need of a foster family. I called Kathrine and we agreed that she would telephone the centre and confirm arrangements to collect the kittens.

Collected 3 kittens this morning as they were delivered to the shelter late yesterday. Just three kittens and no mother, which is a bit of a mystery. Apparently 3 weeks old. Born 8th June 2021. Christian took me as Kathrine had an extra shift.

The kittens were very clean and very calm. Being in the car didn't get even one cry from any of them. They just checked out my fingers through the cat carrier grille.

When we brought them in to the house and got their "possessions" in place, they walked calmly out of the carrier and immediately started investigating. As each one came across the litter tray in turn, they used it. During the next hours they thoroughly explored their room and had both food and water.

I weighed them very other day and from a lowish start they added weight every day. Except for the smallest one who is the boy Razz. Later weigh-ins showed he had lost a bit of weight. I watched him closely at the morning feeding time and he ate very little so I put him on my lap to give him food from my finger to his mouth - not pleased! I thought his digestion was a bit poor anyway as he is so little and maybe coming here upset him more than his sisters. I syringe fed him for a time using milk substitute which should improve his digestion. He put on a little weight and was still very active. I supposed he was about a week behind in normal kitten development.

Of the three kittens, sorry to say that Razz died about 12 noon 12 days later. I was not very hopeful about him surviving as he was so small and weak. I suspect that being so young when they took the mother away to a new house that his system was not sufficiently developed. His two sisters were rather bigger and stronger so they coped with the change better and now they are fat and sassy!

Here is a photo of the two sisters with their favourite toys! The white one (Rosa) has a blue head patch which made it possible that both eyes would remain blue (they didn't). Luckily the patch does not surround her ears so she was not deaf, as she proves every time she hears food bowls being got ready. The tabby (Ronja) has a keen sense of smell as I found when I had Walnut Paté for lunch. Luckily I got my finger away in time!
Ronja and Rosa playing

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