Zarina's Story

Amharas Zarina Rainbow SPH f 09

Amharas Zarina Rainbow

In 2011 our first Sphynx Zozie died and we all missed having a Sphynx around the house. We had heard of a litter in Cologne and wrote to Dieter to see if one of those kittens might be available. When he replied 'yes' he also told us which one he thought would be good for us to have and after a few photos and messages, we agreed on his little tortie with some white.

2 weeks old she is on the right

There was great excitement in our house! We started talking about a possible name for her, and Myrtle wanted to have it start with a 'Z' and came up with Zarina. Myrtle asked Dieter if he could incorporate that into his pedigree registration and as he had tentatively called her 'Rainbow' he gave her the full name she now has. We liked that as it linked to Zozie's name that also included Rainbow!

As it happened, we had not renewed our passports for some years so could not collect her ourselves. After talking to Christian and Kathrine they were willing to help and so we suggested that if we paid their travel they could have a couple of days holiday and collect Zarina at the same time! On 29th August they brought her to her new home at 4am where all the other cats looked through the hall door eager to see the new kitten!

Click on the link above to see her early days.

Recently (2012) we bought a robot vacuum cleaner which has proved a great success with us, and the cats, especially Oliver and Zarina. Click on the picture to see a video of her first ride!

Zarina and the Samsung Navibot

She likes to sit or lie on it when in the charging station it gets the morning sun. I started it up using the remote and she first notices something is happening when the cleaner bleeps 'ready' and then the motor starts.

(Just outside the guarantee period it failed and I had to pay to get it repaired. A few months later it failed again, so we bought a much cheaper/simpler one which works fine!)

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