World Show 2003 Copenhagen

The venue for the show was The Bella Center in København on November 1st and 2nd last year. The last one held in Denmark was 10 years ago, and to be able to be shown at the show all cats had to qualify to a certain level before being allowed to participate. Now that we are 'in' to showing, it was an opportunity not to be missed! In our case, we had three of our cats who qualified, so we took a trio consisting of Cornish and Devon Rex, and Sphynx, namely Athos, Willow and Zozie.

There were about 1400 cats on show of many different breeds looked after by the judges and stewards from many lands. For a World Show all the cats are judged individually on the first day, and go back on the second day for the Best In Show panel and awards; essential to make sure that everyone goes on the second day so that the public and exhibitors are not disappointed by any missing on that second day!

We met many friends and their beautiful cats and at last found out what the folks looked like we had been sending e-mails to in England and other countries.

The main sponsor was Royal Canin, but there were of course many other stall holders selling cat goodies, T- shirts, pictures of cats (from Russia), food, drink and of course catalogues and memorabilia.

All our three cats got their certificates and rosettes; Zozie had a special cup and rosette for the highest placed Sphynx which was awarded by our Danish Rex and Sphynx club.

A once in a lifetime show for us pensioners but well worth the money to share in this special event in Denmark, our adopted land.

Here is one photo that a friend took of us with Zozie. Click on the picture to go to our Album there called 'World Show 2003'

photo by Colinda

Maribo Cat Show 12th May 2002

This was a good show for us and our cats, as well as an interesting journey. We started from home at 5.30am on our own island of Fyn and drove south for about half an hour before crossing the Svendborg bridge to the island of Tåsinge and across that. Then over a causeway to a very small island called Siø which joins to another bridge on to the island of Langeland. Across Langeland to the ferry terminal at Spodsbjerg where the Sydfynsk ferry leaves every hour for Tårs on the island of Lolland. Finally, another half an hour to Maribo where we arrived at the show for the vet. check-in at 8.45 am.

We started as early as that as the weather forecast said rain and fog, so we wanted to be sure in case we got delayed. Neither happened, so we had time for a chat with various cat owners, who had made the same decision, before the terminal opened for business. It so happened that Annelise and Erik Nissen were there, and they had given a lift to Susanne Qvick; they are all Siamese breeders. When they found out that we had Omar with us, they were thrilled as they did not know what had happened to him since they sold him with his brother nearly six years ago. Annelise was almost in tears when she heard the story of how he had been 'dumped' by his owners and then went through three cat rescue centres before we had him.

We all talked a lot during the show, and the best things were that all three Orientaler were Nissen bred and our Omar was voted the Best In Show Veteran. How about that for his first time! It was a lot of work for him, especially as there was an extra judge learning his category, as well as a separate Veteran Class judge, so it all happened thrice for him.

Oliver for the first time was BOX (Best In Show Opposite Sex) having beaten a Persian, getting all 3 votes. There was a female Exotic as well but she lost against her Persian competitor. So two Exotics on the stage was great. Susanne Qvick's beautiful litter of three Siamese kittens won their class.

Omar's friend Athos greatly appreciated having him there to cuddle, and the Bay Rum gave him a nice shine, so he was Nominated again for the overall judging, in preference to a Somali. He got one out of three votes, so lost to a British.

There were two more Rex Nominated, so with all three being presented, it was a good day for the Rex club. Myrtle saw Suzanne's new Devon Rex boy and has convinced herself that she wants one of his first litter, if Susanna decides to mate him with her girl ! (Watch out for all the various versions of Susan!)

So we went back to the ferry with two cups, three ribbons and four bags of food. The show was very good and the final judging arrangements were much the best that we have ever seen.

The presentation and final judging

Maribo Hallerne

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