Twinkle's Story



Twink was born in 1997, on about the 3rd of September. She was about three weeks old when a lady took her to the rescue home for cats in Odense. Twinkle had been crying in this ladies garden for a couple of days without a mother in sight, so she was taken to the cats home on a Sunday in September 1997. As Twinkle was so young she needed constant care and was looked after by the leader of the home and some of the helpers.

She was a lovely black and white kitten who travelled on buses in her transport carrier and also went to a 60th birthday party of one of the helpers. When she was old enough to leave the home she came to live with us.

Twinkle had been mothered by Misty so she already had a friend to relate to in our home. She quickly became friends with the other cats, although she was a little shy.

She became a very big lazy cat who lived mostly in the kitchen since her best friend Bella died in 2002. Twinkle loves people and a cuddle when she will suck your clothes; a sure sign that she parted from her mother far too early in life.

By 2007 Twinkle had met several new cats and kittens and did not really have a good time any longer. Snehvide and Misty live together in Myrtle's workroom and have their own cat garden outside the window where they can exercise and use the toilet. At night they still sleep with us so they get company from Myrtle and each other during the day, and us and some other cats at night. We tried to get Twinkle to come to bed but she disliked the idea and just wet on our duvets. We have not been happy for Twinkle for some time, but now we have found the solution.

At a birthday party for Christian I was talking to Finn who was feeling rather lonely for a cat. His cat Zena disappeared a few months earlier (Finn suspected that she developed AIDS) and so for the first time for many years, he did not have a cat in his home. He was asking me if I knew of any needing a home. I mentioned one stray that Dorte wanted to find a home for and jokingly said "and what about Twinkle?".

The next day Finn and Kaja went to visit Dorte, but when they tried to talk to the stray, it just went crazy. On their way home, Finn got Kaja to telephone me to see if I really meant it about Twinkle, so I said they could call in and see if they still got on. Finn had always liked Twinkle and she proved that she still liked him. The outcome was that Twinkle went to stay with Finn to see how it worked out. All went well so she got a quiet home of her own with undivided attention, and no horrible pointy-nose cats to plague her! As Finn had a couple of birds, she even got new friends! Apparently the birds did not mind her and would sometimes land on her back.

She had been living with Finn for about ten years before she died of old age on 4th October 2017.

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