Soi's Story

Soi, Mike's cat
born 6th March 1977 was 18
when she died 28th March 1995


born 6th March 1977

Soi was Mike's own cat that he adopted when he went to university. He and his girlfriend Alison started in a room close to the Brighton seafront but they soon moved to a larger flat inland and eventually to a student flat on campus. Being deprived of cats took it's toll, so they got themselves a female tabby kitten (in 1977 while they were still in the flat) and named her Soi. Myrtle's earliest memory of her is the game she developed - chase a ball all the way down the several flights of stairs from their flat, and then demand that someone went down to retrieve it so she could do it all over again!

From time to time Michael and Alison needed a kitten sitter, so Soi came to stay with us for a week or so at a time. She was very sweet and well behaved so she fitted in without trouble. In later years, once Michael left university and came back to live in Poppa Webb's house with Soi, she would visit most days. She of course had to have her own cat flap. When Mike was working and she was in need of company she would commute up the drive, but when Mike was expected home, off she would go again. Towards the end of her life she was almost blind and very unsteady on her legs, but she would still make the trip when she felt she wanted to. She died the year after we moved to Denmark

She was with Mike from 1977 until she died aged 18 on 28th March 1995.

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