Snow's Story

Snowy, stray cat
adopted 27th May 1981, ours 6½ years
when he died 4th December 1987


adopted 27th May 1981

Snowy found us as a scraggy, grey stray who 5 months later became the cat in the photo and the pivot around whom the rest of the cats revolved the catty part of their lives. He was big, gentle, soft and cuddly and never minded what they did to him. Sashkin adored him, especially as he found that his few pounds were enough to bowl Snowy over! He would charge at Snowy from the side so as to crash into his shoulder and Snowy never moved his feet fast enough to keep his balance, so over he would go. He made a show of being cross with Sash, but only in fun and soon it would happen again if Snowy did not just stay laying down. When the heating was on, then Snowy would often be found in the warm draft with a pile of cats or kittens on and around him.

Once he had decided he had found his home, we could leave any door open (he happily learnt to use the cat doors) and he only left the house for his toilet needs, and never went further than about twenty feet from the walls unless I was walking with him. To get him to take a bit of exercise, particularly in the summer, we used to go for family walks in the garden; the other cats would run around everywhere, but Snowy would stick to our heels on the way out and back once beyond his 20' limit! For the rest of his life, that was his habit - no way was he going to get lost again!!!

He was with us from 1981 until he died on 4th December 1987. His full story with us is in our History, Chapter 16.

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