Sheba's Story

Sheba, puppy from Tina
born 2nd March 1964 was 16
when she died on 7th July 1980


born 2nd March 1964

Sheba's early life is described in her mother's webpage and in our History, Chapters 7. Unlike her brother Podge she settled in to our household and lived the rest of her life with us. She did have one try at finding a new home. The black girl, who looked just like her mother, went to live with a nearby family when she was old enough. That lasted for about a week,when she was brought back to us as being too noisy and disruptive - in other words, she played like a puppy! We decided that once was enough, so kept her and the boys named her Sheba, from she-baby, and her good looks. She never learned to walk to heel like her mother, but luckily never learned to misbehave like her brother!

She was with us from her birth in 1964 until she died aged 16 on 7th July 1980.

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