Ronja's Story

and Rosa's



Of the three kittens I fostered in July 2021 two survived and grew well. The contract for foster families requires that young kittens have to be vaccinated at 8 weeks and then neutered when they get their second vaccination at 12 weeks. At that time they remain with the internat and are shifted from the recovery room to the adoption room where they can be on show for potential owners to get to talk to them. But if a foster family decides to adopt one, they leave the internat after a day and go back to what will then be their "forever home".

We took the surviving kittens, Rosa and Ronja, for their first vaccination on 2nd August and then they went back on the 14th September to be neutered which was a little late but it fitted in better with us and the internat due to holiday breaks. Before then I had decided that I would like to adopt one. We talked about it and I suggested Ronja as she was the very lively and bossy one with Rosa being a quieter kitten who I thought would more readily accept visitors in the adoption room. Having a tabby again after many years would be nice!

No problem with the neutering. We collected Ronja Wednesday 15th evening about 7 pm after completing the contract to adopt her. We made sure that Rosa couldn't see or hear us as that would have been cruel. Getting there was quite an experience as we had a cloud burst on the motorway that we were in for about 15 minutes. Hard work driving for Kathrine. Heavy rain on the way home but not so horrid then.

Ronja said she was fine, but hungry! She seemed to accept that her sister was no longer here and spent the night asleep in her usual place. I tried to get a photo of her scar, but she was rolling around on the floor so much it was completely blurred!

After a month she was to have the final vaccination so I took her to my local vet (Michael) for that. Only 3 minutes in the car instead of 60 to the centre! She had the usual health book with microchip details from the internat's vet but Michael suggested that there was no need for a third vaccination as only two was becoming the norm except for at risk cats.

Rosa got her new home the very next day! The internat leader wrote to me "Rosa already left for her new home ;-)) Such a sweet girl, thank you"

Before Rosa left us she wrote her own story to be added to what I wrote about her sister. Here it is with a thoughful photo of her left to remind me of her while she lived with me as part of the first family I fostered.
My name is Rosa. I was born on the 8th June 2021 and had a brother called Razz and a sister called Ronja. I don't know why, but we were sent to Fyns Internat without our mother a month later where we were collected by Tony who would be our foster father. Tony has an adopted granddaughter called Kathrine who helps him and us. They took us to Tony's house where we were given our own room to eat and sleep in. The next day Tony introduced us to three cats who were already living there and are quite old!

Now I am 3 months and 12 days old and back at the Internat. When we first went to our foster home it was too early to leave our mother and so we had to be specially fed by Tony to get us to grow properly. Ronja and myself were better after a week or two, but Razz was not well enough and died after two weeks. He was very small and weak.

After we were 8 weeks old we went back to the Internat for vaccination injections and last week we went back again to be sterilised. Tony could not keep us both as he had not enough space for two more cats, and decided to adopt Ronja as he thought I would be able to find a new home easier than she would! He said I am less excitable than she is and prettier! I hope he is right and someone comes to visit here who will have me for their special kitten friend. It is nice here, but I would like a proper home of my own like Ronja now has. (After writing that, I got a new home!)

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