Oliver's Story

Joy of Living's Oliver

Joy of Living's Oliver

Oliver is a Black and White Exotic cat. He was born on the 18th April 1998. His first home away from his mother Charisma was with a family in the south of Fyn. He was a normal playful kitten, but the family thought he was too naughty, so returned him to the breeder!

When he was 8 months old he came to live with us. Oliver is a charming boy but doesn't like to be cuddled as he gets too hot. He has been to lots of shows winning many awards and cups. Now in February 2003 he needs only one more certificate to be a Europa Premier.

Oliver has two speeds - fast and slow - nothing in between. He loves to chase up and down the living room and outside in the cat garden when the weather is warm enough.

He greets me in the morning waiting for his yeast tablet as do most of the others, and then when I have finished my cornflakes he tidies up the bowl for me before I put it in the dishwasher. He is a joy to live with and I love him very much.


Oliver died at a good old age and faded away after he no longer had an appetite and lost a lot of weight.

His full story is yet to be written in a later Chapter of our History (link under menu, Text).

He was 18½ when he died on 21st December 2016.

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