Nooky's Story

Nooky,kitten from a friend of Mikes
born 7th April 1963 was 13½
when she died on 11th November 1976


born 7th April 1963

In 1963 Michael brought a kitten home to show us as a favour to a school friend - "Can you ask them to tell you the sex?" Needless to say, that was only an excuse so that's how we got Nooky. What a name! I am to blame for that. I had a book about Leica cameras and that was the name they had for one of their accessories. I liked it - nuff said? (Myrtle reckons I misremember and that was Michael's best attempt at pronouncing Newquay where her owners were away on holiday at the time!)

Nooky proved once again that a young female could find her own amusements, so in 1964, more kittens. Actually we anticipated that and were pleased as it meant that the boys could experience firsthand the birth process. The result was 4 kittens. Of the two who went to new homes I can only remember one name - Mickey Fred, who was not the same Fred who later became firm friends with one of our cats.

Number 3 was Chalky, black and white. He had rickets and needed calcium tablets, hence the name.

Number 4 was Sara, all black like her mother.

Strangely, our dog Tina copied Nooky and at the age of 9 she produced 3 puppies. One died at birth but the other two lived and were called Sheba and Podge. Named liked that as one was a black girl and the other a fat male!
The puppies and the kittens were born within a few weeks of each other so all nested together.

Once the two kittens had grown enough to go to their new homes the brother and sister we kept grew well and now she was sterilised, Nooky settled in to be a home cat without so much wandering. She was a quiet unassuming cat for the rest of her life and never minded sharing her home with her two growing kittens, although she did of course keep them in order as any good mother does!

She was with us from 1963 until she died aged 13½ on 11th November 1976. More of her story can be found in our History text.

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