News from 2010

Myrtle and Tony's year 2010

This year began with snow which lasted on and off for several weeks.

At the end of January Kathrine and Christian had a joint early birthday party as they were expecting a baby in Febuary; a beautiful boy Thor arrived on the 18th.

The next day our Danish family got another new member, a little earlier than expected a second daughter for Tina and Frederik called Marie.

In March we held the AGM of our new cat club `Cat Fanciers of Denmark` where plans were made to hold a show later in the year.

April started with Thor´s christening on the 4th.
Later that month we installed solar panels on our roof and on most days they have been heating our water ever since. Another new addition to our home was a small greenhouse attached to the side of the house with access from the living room. This is much appreciated by the cats and we also kept ourselves supplied with tomatoes through the summer.

view from terrace

At the end of April it was Marie´s turn to be christened. This happened on a Danish church festival day`Big Prayer Day`and we had to be at the church by 9.15am!!

In May a `clerking school`was held for us to learn how to run a CFA cat show. We were instructed by Henny and Jos a Dutch couple who are qualified instructors.

Our 'little' black kitten was 4 years old on June 13th; he is very special to us as we had so many problems when he was born.

Later in the year our oldest house cat Misty died she was well into her teen years.

During the year Tony has again been working for the local archives copying old tapes onto CD`s. One job was to listen to two tapes found in someones loft which had been recorded 50 years ago at the opening of a new school. This was for a grand renuion of old pupils.

In October Arne had his 3rd birthday party with lots of fun and games.

November 20th was the family Christmas baking day with everyone to help of course and the children distributed sugar etc: on themselves and the floor.

December 5th the cat show happened despite snow, airport strikes, train delays and blocked roads!! Next show will be in May when we hope the sun will shine.

The day centre where we train once a week is closing. It is being arranged that the training room in the building can still be available. We await full details after our meeting of interested parties on December 14th.
Slide show and photo album

Love Myrtle,Tony and our cat family.
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