News from 2008

Myrtle and Tony's year 2008

We have now lived for a whole year in the delightful village of Vormark where the neighbours are friendly and helpful. Our house is the newest and the one behind ours is 230 years older.

Since moving from Skt. Klemens we have had 3 litters of German Rex kittens all of which have found new homes except Jack who stays with us as our special little black boy.

We have been to two cat shows, one in April when Gerd was judged to be Best in Variety. The other show was in October where Zozie and Gerd won special prizes for Best veteran cat and Best male neutered cat.

We have been lucky to be able to attend mobility classes for three months free of charge with two physio´s to help. Now we can self-train on the machines; the responsibilty is ours.

Luckily our vet is only 5 mins: away as we have needed help several times this year. In March Snehvide died of old age, she could no longer make use of the food we gave her.

In April our faithful 21 year old Nissan car was replaced by a 7 year old Renault Clio and Tony uses his electric car for solo journeys which saves us money.

There have of course been celebrations with the Danish family who have adopted us. A christening of Arne in January, several birthday parties and a garden grill party when Christian passed his exams to be a school teacher. This year again on Christmas Eve all the family will get together for fun and games round the Christmas Tree at Finn´s house.

After changing the clocks in October the weather is a little colder but our house is warm and cosy so we don´t care!!!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
Love from Myrtle and Tony.
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