News from 2006

Myrtle and Tony's year 2006

This has been an eventful year with cat shows, a wedding, a christening and several parties.

With the dawn of the new year it was time for 3 of our 5 Devon Rex kittens to leave home. Pyramus and Moonshine moved in with Kaja. Flute went to live by the sea with Birthe in Hasmark. Quince and Cobweb stayed at home.

Before I continue I must explain (for those who don't know) Kaja and Finn's family have 'adopted' us as substitute grandparents; all will become clear later.

First party of the year - Kathrine and Christian's birthdays a little early because Kathrine had a student placement in Helsinki as part of her training to be a Health and Social worker.

We have been to 3 cat shows with Gerd. At some we also had Quince and Cobweb. Gerd is now a Champion. On 6th September he attended the birth of his 4 kittens with Evelyna; they are named Francine, Pengelly, Leonora and Memory. The first German Rex litter in Denmark.

We have used some of our savings to replace windows in the living and dining rooms and replace the log fire with a wood pellet stove (no more log chopping for Tony!!). Another new acquisition, much used in the hot summer, is an air conditioner that also has a dehumidifier, and a heat pump for the winter. Our Digital camera was on it's last legs so we updated it with a Canon Power Shot A530.

Frederik and his wife Tine became proud parents of twins on July 10th, named Cenia and Marius. They were christened on 10th December during their local church's service of Nine Lessons and Carols.

The Danes love to celebrate so when Kaja after 3 years hard study passed her exams to be a lawyer's secretary, we all had a party!!

Now for the big one. Kathrine and Christian's wedding in August. We put our marquee up in their garden for the afternoon reception that was followed by an evening meal and dance at their local village hall.

The next week we came down to earth with a bang! Our freezer gave up the ghost. Christian came to the rescue to help Tony collect a new one (the last special offer in the shop) to fit in the space we had. Later in the year the drains blocked again with tree roots; the insurance paid to have them removed but we must pay to remove the large pear tree round which the front porch was built by the crazy previous owners!

Tony has bought himself an Electric car; not new but driveable. He is renovating it ready to be tested so he can use it. Look at this video

In October we were visited by some friends. Hannele and Ismo from Finland, who were on their way home via Sweden from a cat show in Denmark. They breed Cornish Rex and German Rex cats.

To be sure of seeing our christmas dinner we have much needed new glasses, trouble is we can now also see the dust and fur in the house more clearly!!.

Christmas Eve should be fun this year as all 'the family' will be together to dance round the tree, sing carols and play games. I expect four year old Patrick, Frederik's son, will keep us all amused - he is such a happy little fellow.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love from Myrtle and Tony
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