News from 2005

Myrtle and Tony's year 2005

January started with a bang, that is we had a hurricane the first weekend. We only had minor tree damage.

The boys Rowan and Clem were neutered and ready to go to shows. Then came a heavy blow; on January 27th Curly-Sue, Tony's beautiful German Rex, died of cancer, she was only 9 months old. Karin in Germany had a girl kitten needing a home and offered her to us if we could collect her from Hamburg. On February 9th, the day after the Danish General Election, we drove to Germany and met Evelyna for the first time. Karin's friend Ali came with Evelyna on the train from near to the border with Holland, then we drove home again with this little bundle of fur. She settled down quickly and was soon playing with the other cats. It was good the car behaved itself on the trip, as 2 weeks later it needed attention and we borrowed Wasse's car to go shopping.

In March our vets had a special evening for clients in the village hall. It was well attended despite the deep snow outside. The snowy weather continued for a couple of weeks and our cat clubs AGM was held during a snow storm; we were inside of course enjoying a meal with friends.

There was a very special event in April when three distinguished guests from Wales, France and Canada lectured us on important cat subjects. We learnt a lot at that weekend seminar.

We had some of our courtyard dug up in May as the drains had been broken into by tree roots and needed replacing. I'm pleased to say the insurance covered the cost. The car passed it´s MOT again in May (every 2nd year) and Gerd a German Rex was born, more about him later!!

Our Rex & Sphynx Club arranged a special presentation of The German Rex at a show on 22nd May. Kordula came from Germany with her cat Crispina to show with Evelyna and stayed with us for a few days.

Tony went to Malmô in Sweden for a Breed Councils meeting as he is the liason officer between the councils and the main organisation of FIFe.

June 21st the new visitors centre opened in The Old Village it is very modern inside but blends in with the old houses outside.

Willow had been asking for a new boyfriend so Bøvre came to stay for 3 weeks in July. They had a 'Midsummer Honeymoon' and 63 days later Willow delivered 5 beautiful kittens. The names I have given them are from Shakespeares Midsummer Night's Dream, which I thought was an appropriate source! - Pryamus, Flute, Moonshine, Cobweb and Quince. Their pictures all appear on our Christmas card, together with Evelyna and Gerd.

The week before they were born we went to the old East Germany to collect Gerd who will be Evelyna's mate next year when he is old enough.

Frederik and Tine were married in Tårup church on September 24th and in good Danish tradition we met at Kaja's the day before to make the garlands to put round Tine and Frederik's house entrance. I got to paint the heart with their names on for the centre piece. The bride of course looked beautiful. It was a lovely day enjoyed in good company.

Denmark got a new Prince on October 15th - he will be christened on January 21st so we don't know his names yet, except the first has to be Christian.

The old village will celebrate Jul (Christmas) on December 11th and on 24th December we will go to Kaja's and Finn's; it will just be the four of us this year as their children will be at their in- laws.

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

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