Mungo's Story

Mungo Jerrie, stray cat like Snowy
came 11th July 1990, stayed a month
then left on 10th August 1990


found 11th July 1990

Mungo was the last cat we ever found in Hamilton Way, four years before we moved. The reason I describe him as "like Snowy" is that he literally was! A large white cat with odd eyes and male. Unlike Snowy he had not been a stray for long and was fairly clean, but also like Snowy, was still fertile. We also thought he was not so old. Checking with our neighbours, Jack wondered if he had seen him wandering around close by in a street where Jack guessed there was a breeder who when his fertile males were getting older, would simply let them stray so he did not have to continue to care for them!

We went through the usual routine to try and find his home, but when that failed, we used the cat rescue centre to have him checked and neutered. Mungo did not cause any problem with the other cats, but was independent and wandered around quite a lot, just coming back each day when he was hungry. One day he just didn't, and the last time he was seen, he was walking in the direction of the street where we thought he might have come from. Jack caught a glimpse of him a few days later, but neither Jack nor ourselves ever saw him again. Maybe he was on holiday?

He was only with us from 11th July 1990 until he disappeared again 10th August.

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