Misty's Story

Misty Mistoffelees

Misty Mistoffelees

Misty was born in 1994, probably in April. She was a Danish 'Summer House kitten', i.e., a cat from a mother who lived in an area of summer holiday homes, and got food from whoever felt like feeding her. When she came into season, she became pregnant and had her kittens in a summer house that had been locked up for about three weeks. She had no food or water, and the kittens died before she was found. After being let out and recovering her health, she was eventually taken to an Odense rescue centre.

Misty arrived at the cat rescue home heavily pregnant. After a few days (on a Friday) I supervised her delivery of seven kittens. Unfortunately because she had not been in good hands some of the kittens were not viable and had to be put to sleep. Misty raised two boys and another orphan kitten called Ibsen.

Misty lived at the cats home for many months and I became very attached to her. One day a couple bought her and she had a new home. This is what should always happen, but it wasn't to last for long as the couple could not agree about when Misty should be indoors, so she was returned to the cats home. During the time she was away a three weeks old black and white kitten arrived one Sunday having been found lost and hungry. This was Twinkletoes.(read her story later). Misty loved Twinkle as her own so when I decided to adopt Misty, I wanted to have Twinkle when she was old enough.

Misty's special friend now is Snehvide; they spend most of their time in my workroom and at night sleep with me on my pillow.


Here they are together in our cat run.

Snehvide and Misty with Omar

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