Koshka's Story

Koshka, pedigree rehomed from Marie
born 5th May 1966 was over 16
when he died 24th August 1982

Koshka Periwinkle Woodward

born 7th April 1963

Koshka was a pedigree Siamese who came to live with us after a strange sequence of moves! A few years after we built our bungalow, our friends Marie and Geoff moved to a 3 storey Victorian semi in Hadley and tried to redecorate and renovate it on a low income and a high mortgage. That could not last for long and so they had to sell up and move way out of London to what was the last house going north out of High Wycombe. The difference in house prices between an expensive part of London and the inexpensive edge of High Wycombe paid for some luxuries: a car for Marie to drive Geoff to the station to his work in London and, amongst other things, two seal-point Siamese kittens! Eventually they moved back to London (sans the female who did not fit in), quite close to us, but when we started our more frequent visits to them again we were impressed to see how well Koshka had settled in. Marie proudly showed us his litter tray on the little balcony and said that he had given no problems - clever cat. Cleverer than she thought! Solids went in the tray but liquid went on the expensive reproduction Victorian sofa - a legacy from the Hadley house - as Marie found out a couple of days later.

Koshka was instantly banished, to Maries mother. I only found out about that when I got home from work that day and was disappointed that no one had asked me first as I liked Koshka very much. Phone calls to Marie and her mother soon established that her mother did not really want another cat competing with her elderly one, so Koshka came to live with us. His long story is in our History.

He was Cleo's greatest friend and they died within a couple of months of each other of old age. He was our first pedigree cat, and he knew it; his photo shows him posing for admiration at a caraven rally, on my Bonneville! We had two more Siamese in later years and showed them with great success.

He died of old age a few days before we came back from holiday and Mike, who was catsitting, found him lying in his favourite place in Myrtle's parents garden.

He was with us from late 1967 until he died aged 16 on 24th August 1982.

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