Jerry's Story

Jerry Lee Rex vin den Katzentreppen

Katzentreppen's Jerry Lee Rex

Jerry comes from the Katzentreppen cattery which is in what was East Germany. The town of Malschwitz is about 160 km SSE from Berlin. Petra and Eckhard have a website at Katzentreppen. Jerry was the only kitten in that litter.

Our Gerd, who will be her mate, came from Stralsund which is in the same eastern part, but about 200 km north of Berlin.

Petra agreed to bring Jerry to Berlin by car to meet me at the mainline station. Althougn a long train journey, I found it was possible to go there and back in one day with a couple of hours stopover in Berlin. That was on Saturday the 20th January 2007, only a day after a piece of the stations roof blew off, the station was completely closed, and the same storm shut down many of the German trainlines!!! But, all my train connections both ways were exactly on time! (Two days later the station was shut again as more storm damage was expected!)

Sorry about the next bit all you fast food haters<ggg> Kordula (Sue's breeder) sent me a website that has a plan of the station, so I looked for easy to find meeting places. As I would want some lunch after arrival, I chose Burger King as an easy place to find, and then to sit down to meet Jerry and Petra. That worked well and here we are
Tony, Jerry in our cat carrier, and Petra.
To help out, Petra brought her daughter and her brother with her
Petra, daughter and brother
The journey back was just as easy and Jerry was so very good. Only about twenty little complaints all the way. We started from Berlin in a rather old carriage which had compartments - haven't seen any of those for a long time! We shared with a young German man, a cardiac surgeon from Schelswig, and two management consultants - one from Århus and one from Odense (6 km from us - small world!). Luckily only the surgeon had "cat allergy"! But only if touching a cat, so Jerry's carrier had the empty seat opposite.

Jerry was a real conversation piece - "why on earth dod you want to go all that way just to get a cat!". MUCH more interest than anyone on the official side of Felis Danica has ever shown in the breed :-((

Now compare this picture of Jerry with ones of Lämmchen and Kordula's Ecki. Now at last we are getting close to the GRX cat type. Note, like the Lämmchen photo, Jerry seems to have some white hairs on her chest; in fact, neither do.
Leonora and Pengelly got terribly confused with their black brother Memory, and Jerry. They could plainly see black GRX's, but which was which? Only a close enough sniff told the truth!

Jerry was nine months old when she came here and a few days later she called for a couple of days, but with no result. Gerd did his best!

Then on the 17th February she really got into the act! Gerd joined in and sometime between the 17th and 24th, success! I am not sure exactly when as, like Evvy, Jerry did not shout loud enough to notice. So hopefully she will have kittens at the end of April.

SHE DID! See the link from the litter picture on the Cats

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