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Name: Sharon Offersen Manouchehri
Country: Canada;
Sent: 10:21 - 6/2/07

Dear Tony and Myrtle,
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your website and how I appreciate your work on reviving the German Rex cat breed. Keep up the good work!
Yours truly,
Sharon Offersen Manouchehri
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Name: Anne Lander
Country: Denmark;
Sent: 10:21 - 9/9/06

Dear Tony and Myrtle,
CONGRATULATIONS with the first GRX litter in Denmark - looks wonderful.

Name: Vips
Country: Denmark;
Sent: 08:25 - 8/9/06

Dear Tony and Myrtle,
Congratulations on your GRX litter - they look lovely!
Kind regards,

Name: Jaël
Country: Sweden - Skåne;
Sent: 22:45 - 25/10/05

I looked around at Internet and found your website. I then remembered I've had the opportunity to talk to you and said hello to your wonderful Sphynx: Zozie when you where at the show in Malmö -04. I was totally charmed by her cool personality. I wish you good luck with your breeding!
Many Regards!

Name: Marja-Riitta
Country: Finland;
Sent: 12:39 - 23/7/05

I enjoyed looking at your site. Very nice cats.
Greetings from Finland!

Name: Kirsten Werbeck
Country: Germany ;
Sent: 13:23 - 27/05/05

Best wishes from Caribula´s German Rex Cats!

Name: Karl-Heinz Bartel
Country: Denmark ;
Sent: 14:39 - 10/04/05

It's always a pleasure to return. I have a great time on your site to see your lovely cats. I like your silver Devon Rex very much. Lots of success in the future. Feel free to visit my new updated site.

Best regards from Karl-Heinz.

Name: Kaja
Country: Denmark ;
Sent: 22:59 - 30/03/05

I will just say that I love you both. I hope that I soon will get the time to come home to you.

Knus Kaja :-)

Name: Kordula Möhle
Country: Germany ;
Sent: 22:47 - 12/03/05

Dear Myrtle and Tony,
I visited your hp today. I'm delighted of the emotional new site from Sue:-( Thanks you for the nice page but there is still the question why our young girl has to go:-( Unluck, fade... we will never know
Love and kisses, Kordula and the "European Star's"

P.S.: Evvy looks great.Good luck with the beautiful cat:-) We will meet sometime somewhere, hopefully.

Name: Susan and Ron
Country: United States of America ;
Sent: 07:40 - 26/02/05

We would love to have a German Rex ticked tabby (red if possible).Can you help us as to how to get one of these cats?

Name: Marja-Riitta
Country: Finland;
Sent: 20:53 - 16/10/04

Very nice and informative site.
Greetings from Finland!

Name: Lisbeth Lindkvist
Country: Sweden;
Sent: 09:47 - 5/9/04

read about your new German Rex today. Good Luck with Curly-Sue!
Lisbeth and Roland

Name: Anna-Karin Rahm
Country: Sweden;
Sent: 22:41 - 18/2/04

Very nice website with wonderful cats. Keep up the good work!

Name: Karl-Heinz Bartel
Country: Denmark;
Sent: 17:40 - 16/1/04

My compliments to a very nice website. I have a great time on your site to see your lovely cats. My favourite is Willow and Oliver. Good luck in the future. You are welcome to visit my site, and leave your comments.
Best regards from Karl-Heinz

Name: Lene Matthews
Country: Denmark;
Sent: 23:29 - 11/12/03

Hi All,
Thank you for last when we saw each other at the World Show it was cosy. I hope that you will visit my new hp because it is really nice and ALL my animals are on it with out exception.
Lots of love from Haslev

Name: Tina Truman
Country: England;
Sent: 7:52 - 10/10/03

Nice site Tony, loved reading the christmas story, all the best from Plymouth, Devon, UK.

Name: Elma Korzennik (EL-i-CATZ)
Country: South Africa;
Sent: 21:53 - 30/9/03

Hello Myrtle & Tony, Thank you Myrtle for visiting my web-site & leaving such a nice message. I just love your web-site & all your cats. I spent about an hour just ooohing & aaahing over all of them. Both of you look such gentle, soft & sincere people. It's nice to have "meet" with you 'on-line' via the web. Good luck with all your "children" (4-legged)
Blessings, Elma.

Name: Lene Matthews
Country: Denmark;
Sent: 23:52 - 16/5/03

Hi, I love your cats and are looking forward to meeting you again at shows (the World Show maybe ?). Knud will NOT be coming because he just doesn't like it any more so he is staying at home from now on but we have a little girl that will stand in for him. But will you please give all your cats a big hug and a kiss from me and best of luck in the future with your showing of the cats and breeding of same.
Lots of love

Name: Kaja Ejstrup Uggerby
Country: Denmark;
Sent: 18:40 - 22/3/03

Hej med Jer, det er en fin hjemmeside I har. I love your cat. Jeg skal nok kikke forbi siden senere
Kærlig hilsen

Name: Arrianne
Country: England;
Sent: 16:43 - 22/3/03

Wow tony, myrtle, i love those cats!! im the webmistress for scj4eva, thanks for the address, im glad i viewed them, they are so cute!!!!
All the best

Name: Jolanda
Country: The Netherlands;
Sent: 15:29 - 14/12/02

Hi Myrtle,Tony & Zozie,
Finally I found your guestbook,love your cats, nice site. Lots of love and take care
Jolanda & Joshua

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