The story of our (and Denmark's) third German Rex litter

Mating Evelyna von der Burgruine in 2007

In 2007 we decided to sell our big house in Skt Klemens and find a smaller one more suited as a home to retire in. The house was still good for us and all the cats, but needed some more work on the structure and a lot more work on the garden. We had removed a lot of the bamboo hedging but as it was all at the end of its life cycle, even more of it needed to be cut down. In the previous years we had cut away at least half of it and did not look forward to the hard work necessary to remove and replace the rest! As we had finally closed our business in 2001 by 2007 we had far more space than we needed which made the effort and cost to maintain the large house unrealistic for just the two of us, even though we still had a dozen cats!

We started looking at estate agents ads. and paid a visit to a local one that we thought would be good at selling our house and maybe finding something smaller for us. Another reason was that Kathrine and Christian had moved from Odense kommune to Svendborg kommune in a small village. Myrtle not only wanted a smaller home, but something more modern than our 1960 house. After inspecting three houses for sale that might suit us, we came across a brand new house also in a small village that had just been finished and was being shown on 5th October. We met the family there for the "open house" and made up our minds immediately! After some negotiation we agreed the sale for us to move in at the end of November. The whole story of how we sold our Skt Klemsns house and made the more to our brand new, elderly-friendly house will be told as part of our History pages. In the meantime, Evvy and Gerd had got together again and she was due to give birth about the 16th December - cutting it a bit fine, but still an event to look forward to.

Within a few hours of the anticipated time Evvy produced four more lovely kittens, but this time I settled her in the room where we had installed the remainder of our studio equipment as she could be quiet in there for the first few days with her new offspring. After their eyes were open and they needed more space we transferred them to the living room where she posed with them a few days later.
Again two boys and two girls
We again used names from The Wild Road books but from later in the story. We chose Rag and Majicou for the boys, and Sealink and Cottonreel for the girls. By now we knew what to look for when settling on gender and which ones would be likely to have curly coats. Evvy and Gerd had done the job again and we had two boys/two girls and two curlies, but this time not one of each sex! Both curlies were girls.

Here they all are getting used to having thir own food dishes nearer the kitchen.
little cats with little saucers
The kittens all found homes but not all were for as long as we hoped. Rag was exposed to feline aids and died young. Majicou went to live with a friend's mother in a nursing home but nobody realised that dropped tablets were poison to a cat. Sealink stayed in Denmark but Cottonreel went to Finland and both grew into tabby cats as pretty as they were when kittens.

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