The story of our (and Denmark's) second German Rex litter

Mating Jerry Lee Rex von den Katzentreppen in 2007

On the 17th February she really got into the act! Gerd joined in and sometime between the 17th and 24th, success! I was not sure exactly when as, like Evvy, Jerry did not shout loud enough to notice.

We estimated that Jerry would give birth on the 28th April, and by the time I got up that morning, she was telling me that she was getting ready to go!

By mid-morning the first contractions started and by 12:45 it was all over, with three beautiful curly kittens born safely. One boy and two girls.
All clean and settled
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The names we gave the kittens are Tag, Cy, and Perletot. They come from the book "The Wild Road" and are three very important characters in the story.

Tag - was a kitten who got out of his new home into the garden. While exploring, he lost his way and was helped by some of the animals and birds he came across. One of them was a cat who is the present day incarnation of Bast - Majicou. Majicou is hopeful that Tag can develop into his replacement as guardian of not only cats, but the whole of the world, including humanity that has lost its way in the natural order. The most important task is to find the cat king and queen whose destiny is to have the very special kittens who will be an important part of Majicou's scheme.

Cy - is discovered by Tag through an old female cat called Cottonreel. Cottonreel is a white cat who is deaf and happily living with an old lady in a little village. But although deaf, she can make herself heard well enough and tells Tag that there are a lot of cats that need rescuing from a laboratory. She leads Tag and his companions there and they manage to release the cats, one of whom is Cy - a little young tabby female with a brass plug in her head. Cy decides that Tag is just the cat for her, and follows him on, despite his efforts to dissuade her! Cy's best efforts go into finding food for the travellers; twigs, old shoe soles, and other equally inedible things that she proudly lays out for them to enjoy.

Perletot - the cat queen in the story who did give birth to little princesses and princes. Her full name in the book was Perletot Fitzwilliam of Hi-Fashion, but that is too long for convenient calling in to supper! (Tag's 'proper' name was Mercurius Realtime Deneuve.)

They grew up without any problems and found homes as soon as they were old enough. Perletot didn't have far to go as we thought she would make a very good breeding female, so kept her all to ourselves! Cy was adopted locally but got infected by Aids and died. Rag went to Finland where he became a father of four kittns but his owner wasn't very serious about further showing or breeding.

Perletot did grow up to be a very good looking girl and we had high hopes for her. We could not afford to get another male to continue our breeding efforts so eventually we had to get her sterilised in September 2010, together with her mother. Sadly within a few hours Perl developed a violent internal infection and within a few hours I had to take her back to the vet for emergency treatment. She rapidly got worse even though the vets took her home with them and continued treating her overnight, but in the early hours her body gave up and she died. It was as much of a shock to them as it was to us.

She was 3½ when she died on 28th September 2010.

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