Dorte's Story

Dorte, Eric brought her home!
born 13th May 1982, was 5½ years
when she died 8th October 1987


born 13th May 1982

While Eric was at college he took on odd jobs to supplement his income. One of them was doing some housework for a few families nearby and at one of the houses they had a female who gave birth. Amongst the kittens was one that attached herself to him and helped, in all manner of ways, with the work. He asked if he could have her and after checking with us, he brought her home to be his new friend - the older cats he had known for years were no longer living.

Dorte was a strange little cat with some strange habits! We nicknamed her 'Dotty'. Amongst them were - she liked to travel around on the vacuum cleaner when Eric was using it at her birth home - she liked to help me when I was using an angle grinder to cut conduit (liked the noise and sparks!) - after the pool was built she liked to walk onto the floating cover and curl up in the middle to sleep - she stopped coming in at nights for supper and I had to hunt her down in neighbours gardens to get her in.

She started to get ill and we brought her to bed with us where she had trouble settling and had respiratory difficulties. Our vet tried many different treatments and nothing cured her and eventually she died of the various problems that developed. Looking back we think that she must have had FIP, which was a largely unknown feline illness in the early 1980s and although rare is now known to be almost always fatal.

She was with us from 1982 until she died aged 5½ on 8th October 1987.

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