Our Clubs

We have had membership in three cat clubs. In Denmark there are four main clubs within FIFe and a lot of special clubs. To register or show cats within that federation, each country has a national federation, and in Felis Danica, We belong to one of the four main clubs within FD called

There are special clubs attached to the main clubs, and we also belonged to the one for the Rex and Sphynx breeds, where Myrtle was a committtee member for a few years.
Tony created their first website and was the webmaster until the end of 2008.
Rex & Sphynx Klubben

In 2009 Tony left FIFe to found the Danish CFA club and became the treasurer in 2010 when the club was approved. Myrtle was an ordinary member.
A show was held in 2010.
The club appointed a new committee in 2013 and three months later they all resigned and the club folded.
Cat Fanciers of Denmark

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