Chalky's Story

Chalky from Nooky
born 25th May 1964 was 9½
when he died on 7th October 1973


born 25th May 1964

Chalky's early life is described in his mother's webpage and in our History, partcularly in Chapters 7 and 15. Althugh he was not so quick at getting around as the others, he still found where Myrtle's parents lived and visited them for cuddles and snacks! At home he was a happy cat and especially loved our boys as he grew up with them.

Eventually the weakness in his constitution that resulted from the rickets he had as a kitten caught up with him. One day when Mike was looking for him he found Chalky collapsed on the drive, obviously on his way home from a visit. When we checked him it was clear that he had died immediatelæy and it was clear that his weakness had resulted in a heart attack. He had been a great friend for the boys and a playmate for all and greatly rewarded us for the small effort it took to look after him when he was born.

He was with us from his birth in 1964 until he died aged 9½ on 7th October 1973.

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