Benjy's Story

Benjy, (Benjemima) adopted!
born 3rd August 1973 was 16½
when she died 4th January 1989


born 3rd August 1973

After Susie and Chalky died in 1973, our next cat arrived. I saw an advert for an August litter in Friern Barnet, and Eric asked if he could have one. We collected a kitten that evening - the mother cat was very sadly killed the day before by someone using their driveway to reverse a car. She was just sitting and waiting for her family to come home. In September Susie had died at the ripe old age of 18 years - she always considered herself to be Eric's cat as she was there for his birth and always around him for the next fourteen years. We were all sad when she left us, and of course Eric particularly missed her, so a new little tabby cat was just right for him - Benjy, who started off as Benjamin, but was then renamed Benjemima once our vet corrected our mistake!

Benjy and Cleo

This picture of her is when she was dozing near to Cleo - her part of the photo is small so not very clear. Still looking for better ones of them all!

She was with us from 1973 until she died aged 16½ on 4th January 1989.

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