Sille's Story

Snehvide with her friend


Sillee was born on the 23rd June 1998. We are not certain exactly as to how she was brought in to KVO as a kitten, but what is certain is that by the time she was nine months old she was very, very timid. She did not like being approached by people, so was almost impossible to get back in her cage every day; so much so that she would have had to be put to sleep if she did not find a home very quickly. Luckily for her, she did and now lives with us!

We brought her home on the 23rd march 1999, and the first few days she dived under the sofa at every opportunity, but will now lay where she wants to as long as we don't approach too closely. Oliver, Omar and Twinkle love her and she reciprocates. Oliver especially as she came mildly into season the second day she was with us, and he was not yet ready to be neutered so suddenly discovered the joys of sex. He never got as far as mounting her and on the third day we rapidly got her sterilised, so a week later the female smell was gone and Oliver then just played. She is happy with her home and family and is completely part of the family. We even manage to stroke her from time to time, after only four years!

We neutered Oliver a few weeks later as his testicles never properly developed and it was a good job we decided to do it that day as it turned out that the night before one of his tubes had knotted round one of the undeveloped sacs and cut off the blood supply!

Sille is a pretty tabby cat as can be seen from her pictures. the first ones we managed to take were mainly of her rapidly disappearing, but just over a year ago, I managed to get a very nice one of her sitting for me, so that was used for our Christmas card that year.

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