Pengelly's Story

DK Snugglebugs Pengelly

Snugglebug's Pengelly

Pengelly is a Black Spotted Tabby German Rex. He was born here on the 6th September 2006 in our guest room together with a brother and two sisters from our second German Rex girl, Evelyna, and our first German Rex boy, Gerd. Myrtle likes his looks so much that she decided that "we" must keep him, so now the little terror rules the roost! From the first he was admired by Marianne, so also has another nickname that she gave him - "Tony The Tiger".

Now in March 2007 the other kittens all have their own homes and Penny is a happy healthy little cat who has been to one cat show, where we showed the whole litter, and there got a good report on his rexing although not so good on his general body structure.

So far he has not had any health problems except for when he gave us a fright one day. A cut on his stomach opened up and we rushed him to the vets where a quick repair was made. That healed without any further problem, but the stitches have left a small scar that can just be felt.

Now his fur is developing very nicely so maybe later this year we will try him again at a show. He is comfortable with all the other cats and can be found cuddled up to anyone who will have him!

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